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Explanation of what is Epsylon, our value proposition, core values, and the future of Epsylon.

Epsylon Protocol

Epsylon protocol is a non-custodial innovative yield generation protocol with varied risk-adjusted solutions. Epsylon aims to provide a different risk/return matrix for a single underlying asset (eg: USDC, FTM).

Epsylon enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio by offering a seamless and frictionless way for users to invest their crypto assets. As a project, we aim to allow anyone — with any level of knowledge of crypto — access to the market’s most competitive products and strategies.

Epsylon’s vaults are classified according their risk level and the underlaying asset. Vaults consist of multiple strategies that are rotated and updated dynamically as opportunities arise, generating the highest yield possible for our users. On top of that, vaults benefit users by socializing gas costs, automating the compounding and rebalancing processes.

The strategies generate profit by providing liquidity to lending protocols like (Alpaca), DEXs (SpookySwap, Curve, SpiritSwap, Solidex), and PoS validators on FTM. The vaults that have a higher risk have some ingenious and innovative strategies. These strategies allow us to generate higher APY by taking on debt, reducing IL, leveraging other assets, or farming algorithmic peg assets.

Risk Profiles. Why?

We saw a big issue in other protocols which only have one vault per asset. One vault per asset is too rigid, it limits the strategies you can use.

In crypto, as in life, everyone has their own path and looking for different things on DeFi. Some people want to slowly grow their existing net-worth while others want to create it, some people are willing to risk more to get more and some people like to play it safe.

Having just one generic vault will either dissuade risk-averse users or penalize risk-taking users by using safe strategies with low APY.

Why have a one-size-fits-all when you can create risk-adjusted vaults?
Giving users the possibility to choose their own risk, allows us to add innovative strategies (debt, IL, leverage, or algorithmic peg coins) while keeping it simple. All of our vaults are single assets and have a detailed explanation of the risks, strategies, protocol exposure, tokens, and IL.

The multi-strategy and the risk-adjusted vaults give us a lot of flexibility and advantages:

1- Curated strategies. All the strategies and protocols we use go through a strict due diligence and testing process. During the due diligence phase, if any protocol does not meet our standards or if it is too risky for the reward, it will be discarded. In the testing phase, strategies are tested in a real-world environment, measuring their performance in different market conditions.

2- Balance strategies. Vaults have positive and inverse correlated strategies to hedge market conditions and maintain a stable APY on bear and bull markets.

3- Maximize the yield for each vault (risk profile). Separating strategies on different vaults based on the risk allows us to maximize the APY for some yield hunters and maximize security and peace of mind for conservative yield farmers.

4- Remove complexity. Users should not need to be DeFi experts to invest in DeFi. With minimum knowledge, users can invest and use state-of-the-art strategies on Epsylon. They only need to decide what asset they want to farm and which risks they are comfortable with. Our detailed explanations of the protocols and strategies we use help users understand and make informed decisions. DeFi for everyone, everywhere.

5- We can create more innovative strategies adjusted for each user. Letting the user know the risk they are taking allows us to build way more interesting strategies with debt, IL, leverage, or algorithmic peg coins that translate into a nice and juicy APY.

Epsylon Core Values

For us, Epsylon is more than a protocol or a company is a way of escaping the current rigged system by building the next financial system, a fair system empowering the community.

Epsylon’s name comes from the famous book “Brave new world” by Aldous Huxley. If you haven’t read it or watched the tv show, society is a class system, the different classes are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. The Alphas are bred to be leaders, and the Epsilons are bred to be menial laborers. Your position in society is decided when you are born and it can not be changed.

We are proud Epsylons rebelling against a rigged system through decentralized finance. Join The Revolution

Our core values:
⁃ Everyone in the Epsylon community has a voice.

- We don’t care if you have a degree, the country you are from, your gender, religion, or anything. We just care about an obsessive desire to build the future of DeFi with Epsylon.

⁃ Think long-term. We are building for the future, keep that in mind for every decision.

⁃ Move fast. The pace of innovation is fast, let’s make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

⁃ Embrace innovation. Innovation only moves forward, let’s embrace it and use it to the protocol’s advantage.

⁃ Privacy. The right to privacy is something we will respect over any other thing and this applies to anyone in the community.

⁃ Moonshots thinking. We are creating a new Financial System, we can not think small or ngmi!.

⁃ We are builders. If you want to create on top of Epsylon, build it.

- We don’t rely on VCs. Epsylon is completely powered by the community. Embrace that freedom.

The Future of Epsylon

As we stated on our core values we have huge goals for the future but Rome wasn’t built in a day. We live in the present and focus on what we can build today, not allowing our imagination to run free.

Q1 2022

✔ Launch Epsylon Protocol

✔ Launch USDC conservative vault

✔ Add analytics

✔ Reach $ 250k TVL

✔ Launch wFTM High Risk Vault

✔ Rebranding Epsylon

✔ Create community - 1k Twitter / 500 Discord

✔ Create +10 strategies

✔ UX/UI Frontend + Descriptive Info for each vault

Q2 2022

  • Reach $ 3 M TVL
  • Multiple risk levels for the same underlying asset
  • Strategy mitigating the Impermanent Loss
  • Grow our community - 5k Twitter / 1k Discord
  • Small Epsylon Academia - Free DeFi Resource to learn
  • Add strategies with PoS validators on FTM
  • Add referral program

Q3 2022

  • Reach $ 10 M TVL
  • Multiple risk levels for the same underlying asset
  • Strategy mitigating the Impermanent Loss
  • Grow community — 5k Twitter / 1k Discord
  • Create strategies with options, futures, etch
  • Multichain — (If it can provide value through strategies)

Thanks for reading. Happy Yield 👨🏻‍🌾


Website: https://www.epsylon.finance/

Docs: https://docs.epsylon.finance/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/h5aUZY3qGq

Twitter: https://twitter.com/epsylon_finance