The Right Way of doing swaps in DEXes

  • Spooky Swap 0.2%
  • Spirit Swap 0.3%
  • Beethoven (variable fees) 0.1% stables
  • Solidly 0.01%
  • Curve (flat in the middle region) x + y = k
Graph 1: Curve vs Uniswap liquidity pool

Example: Uniswap vs Curve

Both pools are 50/50 balance in two stables USDC — DAI in units of currency. This means there are 50 units of USDC and 50 units of DAI each of them with $1 value. (To simplify, we won’t consider the impact of the swap fees).

50/50 balanced pool.


Jimmy sells 25 units of USDC in Uniswap. In this case, Jimmy receives 16.7 DAI. By doing so, the pool gets unbalanced and the pool ends up in 75/33.3 balance USDC/DAI. Since the pool is no longer 50/50 the DAI is now $1.5 and the USDC $0.66.

Graph 2: Uniswap curve.
Uniswap Swap visualization.
Graph 3: Curve curve.
Curve Swap visualization.

How does Epsylon mitigate this issue?

We have several stable liquidity-providing strategies for different DEXes.

  • USDC-MAI in Spooky
  • USDC-DAI in Beethoven
  • USDC-MIM in Solidex



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